Nigeria has been the most populous African country and giant of Africa that branded with full of wealth and many treasures. Some years ago, Nigeria was truly the giant of African because of their wealth and capacity. Ever since then Nigeria has been given a proper recognition and respect throughout the Africa Continent. Nigerians has the most positive people in the world because they are gifted and talented, this country has remain an uninspiring example of what a modern nation should not be. The most worsted part of it is that, the people’s optimism is not necessarily borne out of any obvious strategy which can not make them arrive to the future that people anticipating for.Let me speak about the leadership and future of this country, the core of my submission is that the present state of affairs in our country represents not only a clear case of national dysfunction, but also a blank future with no assurance of the country continued existing. Nigeria leaders has became most corrupted leaders in the world, anytime I remember the future of my county, I broke into tear and weep tirelessly.A question we need to answer, what is the future of my county?
Does Nigeria have a future?
If yes it suppose to be in a positive way, an adage said, *”if a fish will spoil, it will started from the head”* this is Nigeria my country, where leadership has turn to business, if someone can spent almost billions of naira for campaign, after voting in, it is difficult for them to spend millions of naira for the voters just to recover from starving. Nigerians, let try and think together, if someone can single handedly mismanage over one hundred billions in a nation where their is thousand of graduates roaming around the streets wasted and jobless, and our so called leaders will still be cruising on the street with bullet proof and firmly secure, what is the future of my country as a nation?Nigeria my country, corruption has turn to food, crisis is water and selfishness is their snack , almost everyday the level of corruption is growing rapidly, why did we Nigerians suffer? We are very happy when we heard abacha’s money, our believe is that two week after everybody will be rich not knowing that we just started the suffering, through the valid research abacha’s money can make us survive and live comfortably but Nigeria leader were selfish, rather than cater for us, their pocket is more important. I was astonished how Nigeria take pandemic virus, it has turn to business, may I ask a question, what is the difference between Nigeria leader and Yahoo boy? Almost trillions is meant to cure virus, what have they use the money for, people that can’t manage their house then how can you want them to manage us. To my surprise NCDC messages has took them 1billion, next step to take, Nigerians are waiting.Nigeria is just a scam, Accountant general office was born, thank to God the money is saved but what of the documents?Nigeria has lost already
The future is at stake
May God heal my country.Nigeria my county.We Nigerians await better future.Sen. SALAHUDEEN SOFIYULLAH ADEOLAS U president of EACOED.

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