NANS DICTATORSHIP It is true that NANS is the most active pressure group that is build with full of despot leader and vibrant comrades, the struggle and vibrancy of this association has caused frightened to the mind of useless leader throughout Nigeria and diaspora , this association has never give room for Student humiliation not to talk of intimidiation from any political leader, this was happening when their was true leadership in NANS not today that the association is full of dictatorship, the association is very strong when the comrade blood is filled up with Aluta spirit, not today that the Alutaristic struggle of NANS is no where to be found.

Senators, leaders, caders, elders, comrades and stakeholders of NANS , a question will need to answer: WHY DO WE ALLOW DICTATORSHIP? Dictatorship has jeopardize the interest of our unionism, this is happening because today NANS is been leads by brainwashed and dictatorship leader that have nothing to offer than to run for their personal pocket, and they almost drive the masses struggles to the river of shame. According to Nichole machaveli said and I quote "whenever we come across the word dictatorship , image of useless leader who have already committed atrocity coming to mind the likes of Mustapha kamal pasha of turkey Adolf ithler of Germany they have been rainfoice"

I penned this down not to criticize or ranting on anyone but to wake comrades up from where they are tied up some years back. An adage say " EFALAGBARO LOTIMU EWA LOUN SEYIBO". This is how I see the NANS struggles of today , I remember those day's when student are the mouthpiece of the masses ,when the tip of pen is strong than any other weapon, many political leader were almost in fear because they know that pen is more faster than any other action, but today , the golden power of pen has been sold up by those selfish leader. Some years back students are the most dangerous citizen that politicians fear a lot, not to talk of today where S.U.G president studentship is at stake ,our freedom is limited, if you pen down something to criticize the government, you will quickly get arrested and meet yourself in a bombastic mess. My dear comrades of NANS where are we going? Should I say the association have spoil forever? NO, because nothing last forever. Should I say we have lost confidence or there is no more vibrant comrade? NO , many comrade are still vibrant but the weapon(pen) is useless. Should I say the comrade destiny is in the hand of intimidator and oppressor? No, intimidation has never come from anyone we are the one intimidating ourselves.

What is the main cause of this problem?
Some student’s leader has turned to political dogs through their selfish interest, anytime I think of this I breaks into tears and wipe up tirelessly , my comrade has brought up a reasonable idea on this, he said the student’s union president has turned to political slay animals, which they can used and dump them at anytime, is this true? How true is this? if no, where is my predecessor? I remember how he was given proper recognition and well respected when he was a senator, today where is he? Still alive but NANS has stepped him aside, this shows that one day, we would be dumped as well, but before we leave the office, NANS struggles must be restructure, mostly NANS JCC Oyo Axis. Am saying this not for personal interest but to wake comrades, to fight for the Tag ”Bring back NANS to campus” history will not forget us, and the best half we have done will be judge by posterity. Bullets and intimidation can never kill my Belief, we shall be remember for something. Non is all good, non is all bad, but posterity will judge us all judiciously and accordingly. Mahatma Gandhi said and I quote ”Either you live by my picture, or you live by my word and principles”

”Bring Back NANS to campus”

Many people are saying NANS is no more recognize by government, i believed it is a typical lie. we can surely get freedom only if we go against (DICTATORSHIP).

Long live NANS

Sen. Salahudeen Sofiyullah Adeola


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